Our Centurion Series of Appraisal and Tax Collection Software meets the needs of any Appraisal District or Tax Office. The software is user friendly and includes many desirable features. It is powered by Windows or IBM iSeries servers sized to fit the needs of your office. Conversion services from other competing products will be provided. For more information and pricing please contact the Information Technology Department at (512) 346-5480..
Coming Soon... We are pleased to announce the development of our new Appraisal and Tax Collection Software specially designed to streamline the appraisal and collection process to meet the needs of any Appraisal District or Tax Office. We also provide tech support and conversion services.

Capitol Appraisal Group, LLC

VID: 1741734098500

CISV Contact Information:
(512) 346 5482
CMBL Address:
9300 Research Blvd. # 100 Austin, TX 78759
CMBL Phone:
(512) 346 5482
Class - Items Product Descriptions List Price ($) State Price
Mass Appraisal Software 10,000 - 4 Million* Less 10%
Tax Collection Software 10,000 - 4 Million* Less 10%
920-25 QDiskette, CD Rom, and Tape Duplicating Services $150/hr $135/hr
920-30 QImage Processing and Conversion Services $150/hr $135/hr
920-31 QInstallation of Computers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment $150/hr $135/hr
* Price may vary according to parcel count and other special needs.

Maintenance and Support

Any malfunction within the Centurion Series of Mass Appraisal and Tax Collection software will be dealt with immediately. Legislated changes to Centurion will be made as soon as the necessary information becomes available.

Support by telephone is available between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Extended support is available any time upon request. All requests for support will receive a response in less than two(2) hours.

Statement of Guarantee

Capitol Appraisal Group, LLC guarantees equivalent software will be available within three(3) years after a product has been discontinued.